Salame di Varzi

Salame di Varzi is certainly an Italian food excellence, protected and protected by the D.O.P.mark, which in fact makes it unique. A typical product of the Lombard tradition, and in particular one of the most representative products of the province of Pavia, as well as a prominent food of the Oltrepo Pavese culinary craftsmanship. The reasons for its success can be traced back to many factors, such as the skill of the master butchers, who have always respected the original production recipe, and the particular drying and seasoning techniques, the unique microclimatic conditions of the territory, where they collide and mix the sea breezes that descend from the neighboring Liguria, and the fresh air currents that blow along the Staffora torrent valley, even the characteristics of that mix of cultures, knowledge, traditions and stories that only in this corner of land, on the border of four regions, and of four provinces, can exist.

Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepo is a borderland, with its marvelous hills, and was in fact for centuries, during the Middle Ages, a crossroads of transits and trade between Liguria and Lombardy, between the plain and the sea, by means of the ancient and impervious “Via del Sale”, which then in fact also contaminated the neighboring regions of Piedmont and Emilia Romagna, to the point of making the salt itself, which was transported there, an essential element for the preservation of food, as well as an ingredient basic salami.

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In fact, it is said that the Lombards, with their Court located in Pavia, were the first to introduce the technique, hitherto unknown to most people, of stuffing minced pork into the animal intestine, with a perfect balance of lean parts. and fatty, enriched with salt and pepper, to be able to take advantage of a long conservation, an easy portioning, and an appreciable taste and softness.

The Marquises Malaspina, lords of this territory in the thirteenth century, offered it to guests as a delicious dish, as a sign of respect and respect, and since then, its taste and originality have been brought to all markets.


Today the Varzi PDO salami is a unique product, with a sweet and delicate flavor, with a spicy aroma, made with meat whose coarse-grained (12 mm.) Mixture is expertly mixed with a salting mixture composed of sea salt, pepper in grains and garlic infusion in red wine.

The latter, called “concia”, is distinguished by the essential presence of pepper, which absorbs the moisture of the dough and releases its aroma gradually, and for the garlic, which is crushed in a mortar and immersed in wine , is finally squeezed on the dough with a cloth.

Salame di varzi

Varzi salami (PDO) is a pork-based preparation originating from the areas of the Oltrepò Pavese municipalities in the province of Pavia.

Francesco Muttoni

Francesco Muttoni

My name is Francesco Muttoni and I am 21 years old. From an early age, he has always had a passion for agriculture that he began practicing in the family business known for the production of wine and cured meats. “Even though I am still young and I have a lot to learn, the commitment made in these four years in the family farm has allowed me to gain some experience. – explains Francesco Muttoni – I therefore decided to tackle an experience by myself by putting myself out there “.

In the previous four years, I have been involved in wine making my contribution in the vineyard, at an oenological and commercial level and also in the preparation of sausages for the Gravanago company.