Where we are?

The San Pietro cured meat factory is located in the Frascate hamlet of the Municipality of Montesegale , a few steps from the town hall and the Medieval castle .

Here, on top of a hill from which the hills can be dominated as far as the eye can see, and where the sea breeze that blows from the corridor of the Staffora Valley “ beats ” in your face, the pigs slaughtered in < b> Varzi , and together with skilled and expert artisans butchers, they make salami, sewed, salametti, pancetta, coppa, cotechini, and then, to highlight the whole production of the cured meat factory, even bows and culatte.

Laboratory part 1

The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced facilities and equipment, all strictly in accordance with the law, and boasts a special room where the Salami di Varzi DOP, after being stuffed , undergoes a first phase of processing, called drying, to allow dehydration. Subsequently, after about 10/15 days, the product passes to the second phase of processing, which is the actual seasoning, which can last from 45 days to 180 and more days, depending on the weight, size and sampling of the product. .

Laboratory part 2

All this takes place in rooms with temperature and humidity controlled even remotely, to ensure that no external element can compromise the quality . During their maturation, the Salami di Varzi Dop of Salumificio San Pietro are followed step by step in their ” feathering ”, that is to say in the formation of the particular molds, so crucial for an optimal seasoning, and to give organoleptic emphasis to the product. Each single salami is then hand-brushed from time to time, in order to maintain the characteristic gray / white color of the mold, an essential element of the real Varzi PDO salami.