Francesco Muttoni
Who we are?

The San Pietro sausage factory was born from the desire of Francesco , 21, of which the last 5 spent gaining experience and the right experience in the agro-wine sector, to get involved, to build something of his own , to be dealt with with a certain autonomy, and in particular by personally following all the different stages of production, so as to propose a Salami di Varzi DOP that fully represents excellence in the sector.


The goal, therefore, the mission, is to create a product of the highest quality, in full compliance with the production regulations, created by the skilled hands of local master butchers, and with the guarantee of a unique selection of raw materials.

Hence, the pigs belong exclusively to the “large white” breed, are raised to their maturity in a family-run farm in the province of Pavia, where the Po, the great river, flows slowly and sleepily, and are fed with corn, wheat, barley, soy, etc. produced homemade by the farmer himself.


Their slaughter weight is always around 220 kg., To ensure the presence of a meat with an optimal consistency, with the right amount of fat, which in the dough is never more than 30%.

And then, what about the salting mixture, which is obtained from “sweet” sea salt, supplied exclusively by a renowned salt pan on the Romagna coast, to appreciate its unique qualities, as well as the peppercorns, which are obtained from one of the major importers in the world, and then garlic, which is sourced from local producers in the neighboring province of Alessandria.


Last but not least, the red wine, a ripe bonarda that is produced directly in the family, by the Azienda Agricola ” Agriturismo Gravanago ”, located a few km, in the hamlet of Gravanago 3 in Fortunago (PV).

For Francesco, investing in the Varzi salami means investing in the wonderful territory in which he lives, it means staying attached to his roots, it means creating “salami as it once was”.